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Building Sustainable Low-Moderate Income Communities Through Increasing Home Values & Development of Self Sufficient Non Profits
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Building Sustainable Florida Low-Moderate Income Neighborhoods. For sample of rebuilt abandoned forclosed homes: click here

For Sale-Rental Information contact:

Reginald Johnson
Development Supervisor FMCRC
(813) 279-0984
Email: rjohnson@fmcrc.org

Assets & Hope REO 6 Month Construction Report:
Click here for report on construction projects

The following is a list of homes for sale/rent/under construction, soon to be for sale/rent:

FMCRC Affordable Rental Home Ownership program (homeownership@fmcrc.org)
 made possible through an equity partnership with:

Two (2) new ground up homes (photos below) are now available to Rent in East Seminole Heights (Tampa, FL) Under the FMCRC Rental Home Ownership Program where the renter agrees to a 2 year lease and will work with a designated bank to become pre-qualified for a home loan.  The following are highlights of the program and the initial affordable new ground up rental homes available (more homes coming):

  1. Both homes located in East Seminole Heights Area (Tampa). Less than 10 minutes to downtown Tampa
  2. Both homes have fenced in yards and new appliances (including washer/dryer)
  3. Income restricted to Low-Moderate income households
  4. Rental Rates will fall between $1350-$1500 a month based on family. Comparable rental rates for new homes range $1800-$2100
  5. Renter must agree to a 2 year lease.  Lease can be broken once renter has been pre-approved for a home loan
  6. Renter must work with pre-approved bank and work with bank to work towards getting pre-approved for home loan.  This includes completing the bank financial literacy training course
  7. Once renter is pre-approved for home loan, renter will work with FMCRC and FMCRC realtor to locate a property to build/rebuild that falls within pre-approval loan amount
  8. Renter must agree to 24 hour notice home inspections to ensure home is being well maintained
  9. To request application or information, please contact: homeownership@fmcrc.org

For Rent, the following  new ground up new construction homes:

1420 E. Frierson Ave Tampa

6403 N. 22nd St Tampa

Standard FMCRC Interiors of Rental Homes: click here


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