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Building Sustainable Low-Moderate Income Communities Through Increasing Home Values & Development of Self Sufficient Non Profits
San Diego Assets & Hope

Fighting Poverty ~ Ceating Jobs ~ Creating Wealth

Fighting Poverty-Creating Jobs-Creating Wealth

With rising poverty and unemployment in low-moderate income communities, Nonprofits must play a role in target communities by becoming the economic development engine for that community. One that creates jobs while providing community programs and services that will enable both families and small businesses in those communities to produce and consume to a greater degree, but nonprofits are reliant upon government and corporate philanthropy to keep their doors open. This has resulted in non profits that are limited in capacity and self sufficiency. Assets and Hope CEDC model provides the tools towards Self Sufficiency for nonprofits that will lead to increased services and programs for low-moderate income communities. 

Old Nonprofit Model versus New Profit Oriented Nonprofit Model
Creating Jobs-Creating Profit-Creating More Community Programs & Services:

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Non Profit Model
CEDC Profit Flow

Increase Consumption and Productivity in Low-Moderate Income Communities Equal:
Increased Tax Base That Provides Development of Local Infrastructure

CEDC Tax Production

CEDC Model Works: 
FMCRC Producing Income, Jobs and Providing Housing for Low Income Families


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